Tools for Divorce Professionals

Divorce business professionals often consult with the Wildflower Group about how to grow their business and best support their female clients. Our unique tools are designed to do both, which gives you more time to concentrate on your clients. Research shows that relationship building is the best way to grow your business.


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*Includes PowerPoint presentation, script, and participant workbook

"But where will I live?" is the most urgent question that divorcing women face, particularly when children are involved.

Most women have absolutely no idea where to start with this major decision, so we created a PowerPoint presentation and workbook to invite women in our community to join in a conversation on this topic. It was a smash hit!

The presentation addresses the pros and cons of all considerations and provides a step-by-step strategy to move forward confidently. After this 45 minute program we've heard many women say, "I know I can do this now." We actually saw a visible difference in their body language while they made new connections with other women sharing the transitions of divorce. Knowledge is power, and so is a new community of support!

The companion workbook expands on the PowerPoint and includes a financial worksheet to prepare for a mortgage and a real estate glossary.


*Includes PowerPoint presentation and script

"I've bought and sold multiple homes, but I'm really a first time buyer."

Newly single women often feel overwhelmed by the process because this is their first time purchasing independently. It is usually an exhilarating experience, provided they have the right information! We recommend gathering a group of these "first time buyers" together to learn and support each other through the process.

This 45 minute presentation helps the audience assess if buying is the right path, covers mortgage specifics, the joys of shopping for a new home, and the steps to follow once they are under contract—including closing and escrow procedures.


*Step-by-step marketing manual

One challenge most professionals have in common is how to stay in touch with their clients, connect with new ones, and also take care of the daily details.

Our marketing program takes care of all that! Our niche marketing kit is based on solidifying your community presence, educating women, and setting up effective professional referral networks. 

Are you ready for your closeup? We even have tips for connecting with the media that resulted in the Wildflower Group being featured on the TODAY show!

Follow our step-by-step process to build lasting relationships that enrich your business and personal life. There isn't a better way to increase your referrals!


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