You Deserve a Break(fast) Today!

You Deserve a Break Today! Does this sound familiar? In a discussion with Amy, my hair stylist and mother of two, she was lamenting how tired and empty she feels everyday. Amy is a wildflower woman.

I just listened as she explained, at 4:00 in the afternoon, that she hadn't eaten all day and had just downed a pizza which had her stomach rocking and rolling. The cause, of course, was that she was busy taking care of her kids in the morning and getting them organized for a successful day, so her needs went unanswered.

It doesn't matter what our age or economic situation, we women tend to slide down the care scale due to all our responsibilities. I suggested to her that even a quick protein smoothie in the morning could start her day with a boost and the energy she needed to work her 10 hour days. That got me thinking about all you wildflower women out there who are in a situation similar to Amy's.

Our Wildflower Group team's intention is to help you blossom by providing a cross section of resources for you. Try one of these speedy and delicious grab-and-go breakfast recipes to help you be the best YOU for yourself and your family: Experience each day with more energy and balance!


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