You Can do This! Divorce and Taxes- 8 Key Issues

Now is the time to get in shape to navigate your divorce experience!

Wildflower Group strongly believes that Divorce Takes a Team, and that you are the team captain in the divorce process. Get in shape and find your voice to advocate for yourself, especially now. Jay Peaslee, today's guest blogger, offers eight easy to follow tips.

Women across the country are sharing a shocking number of stories in which they are being intimidated and bullied to make decisions that are not in their best interest. Our mission is to provide the tools women need to be prepared to speak up, ask questions and gather the information needed to make truly informed decisions. That includes the extremely important topic of taxes.

When navigating the many elements of a divorce it is easy to overlook many critical tax considerations whose importance may not become apparent until well after the divorce is finalized. 

The article below highlights eight key tax issues to discuss early in the negotiation and settlement process.   A financial advisor familiar with the divorce process paired with a good CPA can help you and your attorney navigate these issues successfully. 

Take a look at this easy to understand article before you meet with your divorce team. It will give you the confidence to know the tax questions to ask and to be prepared to advocate for yourself.

This is not the time to be shy! If you have financial or tax questions don't hesitate to contact trusted WFG team member, Jay Peaslee. Jay is a true professional, who is extremely knowledgeable and kind. He's ready to provide what our wildflower women need to create a successful post-divorce financial future.

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