Release Your Insecurities & Step into Feminine Confidence

The Wildflower Group is pleased to welcome guest blogger Emily Wishall, of Wishall Wellness to the site!

Divorce is hard. Even the most amicable divorces can bring out the worst in others & really make us question our self-worth & dignity. How can you get through this anxiety provoking time with self-dignity & come through it feeling more confident & certain in your own skin?

I believe this all begins with a woman learning to connect with her body & her feminine essence.

The Feminine Essence lives inside every woman. It’s an energetic, empowering, and magnetic quality that has nothing to do with the way you look on the outside. When a woman embodies her feminine essence, she does not need to project a powerful persona to attract the respect and attention she wants. She becomes attractive, radiant, sensual, and grounded.

Because it is helpful to have a starting point, the feminine energy starts in the womb space. This energetic power center is located in the center core of your body, approximately 3 inches below the navel and back towards your spine. This space has been recognized as an important center by many healing traditions. Martial artists, Zen practitioners, and yogis call it the Dantien and in Japan it is called the Hara. Your womb space is the center for your physical strength and stamina.

Think about it, your body has the power to create life, a baby, in your womb space. So if you’re not connecting to this space & using your sexual energy to create a baby, you can use this energy to create how your life gets to look after divorce.

In life, with all the daily responsibilities & pressures, it is all too easy to get lost in your head, worrying about your future, the past, etc. Add divorce on top of that & your mind can go into overdrive of ‘what/where did I go wrong?’, fear around being alone, & not feeling worthy. It is essential to be able to notice when your mind spirals in a negative pitfall & be able to anchor back into the present moment & connect within.

When I connect to my womb space, the voice of comparison, the ‘I am not enough’, doesn’t exist. Your womb space is your anchor to the present moment. I often think of connecting here as ‘coming home.’ When you are home, you feel safer, others trust in your more & you are more relatable as you are contained & not projecting your energy out all over the place. The more you can take up this space, the stronger your conviction & clearer your boundaries become. Training yourself to stay home, no matter what, gives you an unshakable nature & magnetic presence. No one can throw you off your game no matter what. Learning to connect with this place can become your own sanctuary as you go through the challenges that come with divorce.

The following is a basic practice to help you connect with your womb space. A few things to keep in mind as you go through this practice:

  • Allow yourself to stay curious throughout.

  • There is no wrong or right way to do this. If you’re not feeling or noticing much, that is completely ok.

  • If you do feel a lot of emotion or sensation as you do this practice, that is also completely ok. Every time you do this practice, you may notice something differently.

  • This practice is like any other exercise, think of it as you are building a new muscle. If this is completely new to you, have extra patience & love for yourself. The more you pause and actually allow the time & space to connect to this center, the more natural & easier it will become for you to connect there.

1. Sit with your back straight—on the floor, on a cushion, or on a chair. Close your eyes & simply notice how you feel. What is present in your mind? What thoughts are circling in? How do you feel about yourself? Your life? What do you notice in your physical body? How do you feel emotionally?

2. Next, begin to deepen your breath a little. Inhaling through your nose & exhaling through your mouth. Let your breath be full & come down into your belly.

3. Feel your feet on the floor beneath you. Begin to, little by little, flow your attention into the lower half of your body.

4. Bring all of your attention to the center point of your womb space. This space is about 3 inches below your navel & back towards your spine. Imagine that at the center point of your pelvis is a small globe of light. Hold your attention on this globe for one minute. Now, imagine this globe is breathing. Imagine that the globe expands with every breath in, and the globe contracts back to its original size with every breath out. Take soft, subtle, easy breaths from this center point of your pelvis for a few minutes. Notice how you feel and what sensations you are aware of.

5. Feel what it’s like to have all of your attention inside your body. Take a body scan & notice how you feel now versus when you first began the practice.

As you go about your day, I invite you to see how many times you can come back to this space. At least 10 times today, ask yourself, ‘am I home?’. Notice where your attention & energy is, are you lost in thought cycles about your to-do list, the past, your future? And if so, can you allow yourself the space & discipline to anchor back into your womb space & return to the present moment?

The more you work with this practice, the more you will show up more confidently in your body. You will build unwavering self-belief, self-trust, & unshakeable confidence enabling you to move forward in your life with clear direction & greater certainty.

The women who join my private coaching program, True You, learn how to connect with their body, to find their own unwavering confidence and well-being so that they can show up in their lives as their authentic self. If you feel trapped internally, if you are putting on a smile externally, but internally are full of self-doubt and fear, I would be honored to hold your hand and allow you to come back to the True You. If you resonate with any of the above or desire some extra support around the womb space practice, I would be honored to be of guidance in any capacity.

I am offering a complimentary 30-minute True You Discovery call. In the call, we will get clear on where your biggest block is at the moment. You will leave the call with greater clarity, feeling centered & calm. I will share what the #1 practice for you specifically to work on at this time to help you in reclaiming your confidence & power as you go through the divorce transition. If you would like to get on my schedule, you can do so here:

I hope this practice served you & that you come back home, to yourself & to the present moment, so that you can be more present to your family, to your own needs, & to creating the new life that you desire.

Yours in Alignment,

Emily Wishall

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