Optimizing Our Physical Health Can Lead to Healing of the Mind, Emotions, Spirit

The Wildflower Group is pleased to welcome guest blogger Desirae Richards, a Lifestyle Coach and Reiki II Certified Practitioner, to our site!

Our bodies require certain maintenance, just like anything else. I think the biggest misconception that prioritizing our health is it’s complicated, expensive, inconvenient or that our genetics run the show so our day-to-day micro-decisions don’t matter. I have come to respect that our health is comprehensive encompassing our mind, body, spirit and emotions but it didn’t happen as a wellness provider, it happened as a woman committed to my own health journey. Physiologically, we have foundational needs: air, water, food, health, reproduction/sex (yes I said NEED), shelter and clothing…. But it’s not as simple as going through the motions. Breathing - Most of us (I too am guilty of this) breathe in a constricted fashion. Practicing meditation a few times weekly, can help us to establish better patterns with our breathing. Fueling for it all - You can’t outrun or out supplement your fork but in the information age, it can be maddening to figure out how to eat. Keep it simple. We are biologically designed to eat a variety of whole foods. Please don’t ignore your fruits, vegetables, berries, and other whole foods. Avoid processed foods, refined sugars, and alcohol (yes I said avoid). Hydration - There is a notion that you take your body weight, divide it in half, and drink that in ounces daily. If you drink caffeine, drink more. If you take pharmaceuticals, drink more. I say your urine should be clear in color, and yes urinating should be frequent. If you have dry eyes, chapped skin, try increasing your intake of water. It helps with all sorts of things. Sleep - THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR GOOD OL’ FASHIONED SLEEP. I repeat…. NO SUBSTITUTE. Alcohol and pills and other things decrease the quality of your sleep. If you cannot sleep, focus on the advice I gave above about fueling for it all. You might find it’s in your consumption you are losing quality of sleep. When it comes to day to day life many people are barely getting by physiologically, which can make added professional, and personal, stresses even harder to deal with. When you take the time to treat your body properly, it decreases risk of diseases, heals acute or chronic health issues, slows the aging process, and helps combat the stresses of everyday life much more effectively. It is my hope that my own personal story to health will offer some encouragement. Growing up, I was morbidly obese (I joke that I never grew out of my baby fat) struggled with frequent common colds, was diagnosed with complex partial brain seizures at age 17, and by my early twenties I had developed habits of heavy smoking, happy hours with friends, and loosely flowing libations. Roughly 10 years ago, I started on a path of wellness. In that time my older daughter went from being sick all the time to having no sick visits in 8-9 years. My older daughter was chronically constipated (I cringe to say, I was a Miralax mom) and was at risk of losing her colon at age 3, and has been regular for almost 10 years. She once struggled with severe allergies, and no longer uses an antihistamine regularly (she may ask for one every 8-12 months). Growing up I owned a nebulizer, but I’ve now been free from chronic bronchitis, ear infections and sinus infections for about 9 years now. I struggled for decades with irregular menstrual cycles that are now clockwork, severe pelvic inflammation/miscarrying/infertility to a full-term, seemingly invincible baby. I’ve been off of medications for seizures, depression, insomnia and irregular periods (saving roughly 300/month on medications) for about a decade (do that math that is $36,000 I’ve saved in medications alone). I have sustained weight loss from morbid obesity for about 5 years.  My high cholesterol and high blood pressure have been gone for 5 years. I also have substantially thicker and longer hair/nails and I recover quickly from the hardest workouts of my life and am the strongest I’ve ever been. My nearly three-year-old toddler has never had a sick visit. Her health is quite impressive actually. Who knows how many doctor/specialists’ appointments, diagnoses, and prescriptions that have been prevented in this time. You never know what you’re preventing by making simple lifestyle changes that add up in big ways! The reason I wanted to highlight this journey is to show that fueling the body properly has all sorts of amazing side effects! Your body is a fine-tuned machine it will do seemingly miraculous things like HEAL! Once I got my physical health in working order, my levels of self-respect/esteem/confidence began to increase. I found myself having the time, energy, and desire to heal in other ways. Through this journey with my health, I found awareness in my own personal habits including the things I would use to self soothe when I was feeling stressed, sad, or otherwise. The tools I have found in this journey have helped me heal from a decade of sexual abuse, conquer the resulting sex addiction, and have the courage to leave an abusive marriage. Now I have a continually growing organization, worldwide, which focuses on inspiring healthy living in the lives of families and individuals. You never know where your journey to health can take you!

Desirae Richards is a Lifestyle Coach and Reiki II Certified Practitioner. You can reach her at

d.richards1706@gmail.com or 720-289-3992.


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