Oh, the Stories we Hear: Why Divorce Takes a Team

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

When navigating a divorce, or even in the aftermath, most women have shared that they, "don't know what they don't know." Where should they start, who do they trust, and what professional resources do they need, are common questions.

After many years of counseling women we can assure each of them that it takes a team. No one professional can provide all the information necessary  to make truly informed decisions. These team members must be team players, collaborators, and honor each other's expertise. The focus must always be on the client.

In the coming weeks we'll be highlighting each of these professionals and how to interview them. We've seen how this process of effectively creating a divorce team empowers women during this vulnerable time. Women understand these professionals work for them and feel less intimidated. It's very powerful!

This week and next we feature a 2 part interview with Family Law attorney Rene Capron. Listen in to prepare for hiring an attorney, or firing one, if that's what's called for.

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