Let's Get Up and Get Moving-Now

Spring has arrived and everyone seems to be rejuvenated. The grass is green, birds are singing and flowers are popping their shoots through the ground preparing to blossom.

Every year Spring reminds me why we chose the name Wildflower Group for our organization. Women contact us as "seedlings", poised to be planted in their new life, to grow in many unknown directions. With self care and nurturing support, our wildflower women reach full bloom and create lives they never dreamed imaginable.

As an organization, we too have blossomed. So many professionals have contributed their wisdom to us, which helps us provide care and nourishment to our wildflower women.

Today we're featuring a step (literally) that everyone should add to their arsenal of self care to bloom to their full potential. It starts with movement, no matter how small that movement may be. Diane Bailey, owner of the Conditioning Classroom, https://theconditioningclassroom.com/, specializes in small classes to help women find their path to start the process. Diane finds that once women start even a little physical activity, their increased energy and feeling of well being seeps over into all aspects of their growth. Similar to a wildflower, this process takes time and there is beauty in each stage toward fully flourishing.

So don't wait! Capture the energy of Spring! Enjoy our short inspiring video and discover how easy and rewarding a little activity can be. It's a nutrient for your body and your soul!



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