Join our Free Online "Summer of Self Campaign" Today!

To our Wildflower community of women! It's more than okay to take time for yourself, it's a MUST!

Our camp leader Desirae Richards has designed  "Summer of Self Campaign" to help each and every one of you to take time to incorporate some changes to your day to day lifestyle.

Our health affords each and every piece of our lives........ So much of our day to day health is taken for granted until we no longer have it. Mental health is one of the most debilitating things for people day to day. Complications to our physical health are bankrupting people not just financially, but in our day to day quality of life, as well. It is not a trophy to be selfless, prioritizing ourselves behind all other things. It is only in the day to day self love and self care that we find the tools to enrich our quality of life, and truly be present to take the time to nurture and nourish our own needs.

We have TONS of free tools to share, for women of all ages, and the camp is entirely free and I would be honored to help you on your journey! From the womb, to the tomb, your quality of life is PRECIOUS!

Enjoy a taste of what Desirae has in store with her first video! This session is addressing our mental health which can drive everything else in our lives if we aren't in a healthy place.

Really, if nothing else, come along and watch the webinars, and follow Desirae on Facebook at to create some awareness for yourself. All great pursuits start with an awareness.

Please contact Desirae by phone or text at 720-289-3992, or by email to become part of our community!

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