Have your Divorce Road Map Ready!

The most common statement we hear from women facing divorce, or who have completed their divorce, is "I didn't know what I didn't know." They had received no overview of the steps in the process or what time frame to expect for completion. It is stunning that frequently this information is not provided to women. We must be proactive and find our voices so we are prepared!

Divorce is an experience like no other and, without exception, women face anxiety, pain, and uncertainty in the process. Having an organized understanding of the divorce procedure can give women the peace of mind that they have a road map to navigate this often thorny path.

This clearly enables them to prepare for the required life decisions that lie ahead.

For women in Colorado, the flowchart below provides a clear outline and timeline for the divorce process. You can find the forms referenced in the flowchart at this Colorado website: https://www.courts.state.co.us/Forms/Forms_List.cfm?Form_Type_ID=14

This information varies by state, so if you are not in Colorado, please contact us at joan@wildflowergroup.net and we'll help you locate what you need for your state. You can also post questions to our online divorce support group forum and get advice and support from other Wildflower Women across the country!

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