Divorce is anything but Simple!

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Divorce can be overwhelming at any stage. Where do you start and how will all the pieces fit together? Our guest blogger, Andrea Fey, is a loan originator with Loan Simple, who specializes in supporting women navigating divorce. Andrea offers insight into making that all important decision of what to do with the marital home and offers encouragement should you want to stay.

Divorce is anything but simple. It is a time of many emotions and transition in all aspects of life. Thinking about logistics and the future is difficult but you need to make sure you are protected and will have a place to live.

Often families automatically sell the family home and uproot the children before researching and consulting a professional. If it is financially necessary to sell the family home, which in most cases is the biggest family asset, parties need to know that there is a way to move forward and own a home, town home or condo in the future. Much of what it takes to qualify can be discussed in a meeting or a phone call with a mortgage professional. Knowledge is power and having the facts can ensure you structure your divorce settlement in a way that allows you to move forward.

A good mortgage professional will work in your best interest. This includes guaranteed closing dates, getting both parties approved for mortgages prior to the divorce being finalized, switching from joint ownership to single ownership, using mortgages to pull equity for asset division requirements and consultation and full communication through the whole process.

Many women have stayed home to take care of children and often elderly parents as well. Many who did work, only did so part time, so they could be the primary caretaker at home. Many have worked full time as wives and mothers and made less money than men because even though we are working on closing the gender gap, it has not yet been closed.

There are women who have worked and made excellent salaries, but possibly their spouses have not.

None of these situations are right or wrong; they are all real life and real people. What a mortgage broker can do is break down your specific scenario and give you a solution moving forward. When we have the information necessary to make good changes for productive futures, it enables us to move forward.

I encourage each of you going through a transition to gather the facts. Just knowing what needs to be done can help you make a qualified decision. A good mortgage professional will not charge you for a call or a consultation. They are there to educate you on a complicated situation, but one that often gets overlooked during divorce.

Often when people sit down to discuss their situation with a lender their divorce has been finalized and it is too late to make any moves. If this is you, fear not, those facts and your situation can be used as a planning tool. A way for you to know exactly what you need to do to qualify for a mortgage and change your situation in the future.

Everyone deserves a safe, peaceful home. Our job is to help you get there.

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