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Updated: Nov 3, 2018

Scattered. Unfocused. Overwhelmed. Bored. Sound familiar?

Back to School (whether for you or the kids) brings reflection and new determination to do things differently. We get off to an energized start only to peter out and fall into the same old routines. An agent in my office says she feels like a "whirling dervish" most of the time. 

Consider a more focused approach this year and actually start with a vision of what you'd like to achieve or accomplish, then chart your course. 

The first step is to create a vision board which will provide a connection to what you truly want and create a more focused state of mind for your actions. Take a quiet moment or two to ponder what makes you excited or browse through some magazines to get yourself started. You might find there's been a shift in what matters to you that you hadn't consciously realized. I just spoke with a friend who returned from a lovely two-week voyage to find that she now only wants to travel with a purpose to contribute to the area where she is traveling. Perhaps you could apply this concept to your family goals or business plan. 

Let yourself think outside the box to tap into some fresh actions or concepts to recharge your personal life and business practices. Once your identify your visions, find some pictures illustrating what they are and create a board as a reminder. If you actually have a tangible vision of your goals, values, and priorities, you'll refer back to it and create a concrete action plan. It becomes a way of organizing your time and is a coach in tracking your progress.

Here are some sites that offer resources to get you started. Enjoy!

Vision Board Site

Make a Vision Board - WikiHow

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