Can I sell my things before the divorce is final? Read this before doing anything.

A woman emailed Wildflower Group the other day because she was divorcing and downsizing her home. She had belongings she couldn’t take with her and asked if any of our wildflowers would be interested in purchasing her furniture and other household items. Yikes!! We knew this could mean trouble for her.

We confirmed that we aren't attorneys and asked if she had a legal adviser or if her divorce was final. When she answered no to both questions, we suggested she consult with a legal professional before she sold anything. She needed to be sure that she was not disposing of marital property without her husband’s agreement and the agreement had to be in writing.

Who gets what in a divorce remains one of the most challenging questions we receive, and we can't offer a one size fits all answer. There are so many variables and what state you are divorcing can make a difference in the outcome. We have wildflowers in all 50 states and there are state laws defining the division of marital assets, as well as certain circumstances that dictate the outcome.

We suggest you read this short article which offers solid tips on the dilemma. It will guide your thinking during negotiations about the division of marital property, and clarify whether either party has the right to dispose of any assets before the divorce is final.

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