But, Where Will I Live Post Divorce?

When divorce is on the horizon the first call is often to a Realtor or a landlord. Women want to be sure they will have a roof over their heads, particularly when there are children involved. Divorce and your home is a very serious issue, and most women face uncertainty about what that choice should be or are often pressured into making an uniformed decision.

With home ownership at 63% and the divorce rate hovering around 50%, this topic affects millions of families.

This is also an emotionally charged choice. Our home is an oasis and often filled with history and family memories. Women must take a deep breath and gather all the facts prior to coming up with a plan of action. There's a lot riding on this conclusion and it has to be based on facts, not just emotion.

We have worked with too many women who made the wrong choice and are now in financial distress because they realize, after the fact, that they really can't afford their home, or wrongly sold their home when they didn't want to.

Making the best choice about housing for your family takes a team of professionals to help you decide whether to sell, rent or buy. You'll need a trusted Realtor, lender and perhaps a financial advisor. We have a national referral network of professionals so please, let us help you! joan@wildflowergroup.net


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