Mentoring Services for Divorcing Women

"Joan, you were a life line, a stepping stone away from the past into the future."

- Alex Schaefer

 Wildflower Group Member

The Wildflower Group offers personal mentoring sessions with founder and president Joan Rogliano to support women facing divorce. 

Joan gets the pain and anxiety of divorce that you're going through—she's been there. Through her real estate business, coaching, speaking, and consulting, she has helped thousands of families successfully navigate divorce.

There are numerous potential pitfalls in the divorce process, and Joan can help you avoid the mistakes that women, including herself, typically make. For example, it took Joan five (5!) tries before she connected with the right legal professional! She wants to help you avoid difficult and expensive experiences like this one!

One of the keys to a successful divorce is building a team of professionals advocating for you to create a bright future. Joan will help you identify these professional team members and the specific skills needed to effectively interview them. 

In your one-on-one mentoring sessions, Joan will help you identify and define your goals, share strategies for interviewing prospective professionals, and offer specific conversations to have with your team when they are not working in collaboration on your behalf.


With Joan as your guide you can make informed decisions, create a solid financial future, and significantly reduce the stress you experience during this difficult time.

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